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Click on the Title (Gran) to see the video of Beverly's..

Gran (George Christopher Callan, Sr.) was my mom's dad. We called him Gran. We lived next door to him and as kids got to see him and Nannie almost every day. We had a trail that went from our house through the vacant lot between us and right up to their driveway. Gran was wonderful to us kids, but mom says he was a stinker.

She told me this story about Gran. I must have been a very small child at the time.

My grandmother (Nannie) and her sister went to New Mexico to see her Uncle Fred White. He was her mother's brother. At one time he was the sheriff of Tucumcari, New Mexico. He's another story.

We lived on the north side of my grandparents and my Uncle George lived on the north side of them.

My Uncle George called my mom one afternoon and asked if she had seen Gran. He told Uncle George that he was going to the store for a loaf of bread and that had been several hours earlier. Mom said no. They went looking for Gran and my mom's other brother (Uncle Dan) found him at Beverly's on South Congress.

Uncle Dan went in and found him flirting with some woman at the bar. He was dead drunk. Uncle Dan basically drug Gran out of the bar. Gran was about 5'6'' and my Uncle Dan is 6'6''. Well Uncle Dan finally got Gran back home and put into bed. Gran was cussing and fighting all the way.

Mom and Dad, Uncle Dan and Uncle George were standing around in the backyard, just wondering what was going to happen next. It was quite for a good while.

As of a sudden they heard thrashing and crashing coming from the house. Then Gran, still staggering burst out the back door waving a set of keys. He said; "You dumb son bitches, I got another set of keys" and he was intending on going back to Beverly's.

After another struggle they finally got Gran to sleep for the night. Mom tells me this story but it doesn't sound like Gran to me, but mom swears he was a toot.

Attached is a link to a video of Beverly's by WiseGeorge. Mom thinks it was called Beverly's back then and that had to be over 50 years ago.

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